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It's Muscle Building Time!

Last night the Lord spoke to me that some of us are in a season of making muscles. Much like in your physical body, building muscles require a breaking down to build back up. Lately, some have been experiencing situations that have left you broken in areas. I'm here to tell you, now is not the time to abandon the process. Building muscle is painful, you will be sore. But that's when you should be pressing in all the more. God has allowed these moments of soreness and pain to build your spiritual muscles. But the best part about muscles is that they aren't just for you. In the natural, who would you prefer to help you to move some things in your home? The wimpy guy or the muscle man?

The Lord says count it all joy as you are facing these trials. Soon you will be flexing some muscles for the world to see and for others to benefit from. Get ready, the spiritual guns are about to start popping out! Keep pressing in to the Lord. Don't leave the spiritual gym. Run to the Lord daily to build up that stamina. You may be broken now but you are not down for the count! Matter of fact, it's time to speak some faith over your situation. Instead of proclaiming your defeat, state your victory! When you face that next moment where you feel all is lost, stop and think! I'm just building up my muscles!

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