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The Suicidal Christian in the Pews

You see them on Sunday morning.

Hearts lifted and hands raised.

They appear to have it together

Yet, inside an internal craze.

No one paying attention long enough

No one would truly catch the signs

This suicidal Christian

Hidden weekly in the prayer line.

Who will have the eye to see?

The ear to hear the pain?

Who will step out of their holy box

To reach one who's already "saved"

The suicidal Christian

Although they care to believe

Life has not treated them well

And no one cares to see

We may seek to save the lost

Yet many are within the church

What will it take the notice these

Who suffer a deeper hurt?

Many lovers of Christ

Sitting on your very pew

Unsure how to move forward

Internally abused.

Ready to end their life

Yet silently, no one sees

This suicidal Christian

Once, sincerely, me

Yet someone cared to notice

Someone thought to pray

Depression and defeat

In my life, could no longer stay

The story ended well

For this person in distress

Yet the church is full of others

Where will they find their rest?

May you have eyes to see

Those in need of a personal touch.

The suicidal Christian

Is depending on such

Instead of being overwhelmed

Or annoyed by their grief

Will you be the listening ear?

That this one truly needs?

Will you look past your perceptions

Will you be the loving voice of Christ

For this suicidal Christian

It may just save their life..

Written by A Former Suicidal Christian, Victoria Riollano


To read my testimony of how I overcame my suicidal thoughts through one beautiful encounter with Christ click here.

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