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There’s Something About Eve

We all know the story of Eve.

The one who ate the apple.

The one who influenced the one she loved to do the same.

The one who chose to listen to a serpent over the voice of God.

We all know the story of Eve. Yet, many of us fail to see the true downfall of our friend Eve. The biggest tragedy of Eve was that she searching for things instead of being content by simply being in God‘s presence.

As she took that fatal bite, she said “God, you are no longer enough for me.”

With that bite, she showed God that His presence in her life’s garden was not worth value. In that moment, all of history paused as she did what so many think they would never have done.

However, if we stop for minute we may find that we too are like Eve. Many women have joked that when they get to heaven they will march right up to Eve and give her a piece of their mind. However, the question is, are you just like Eve? When given the choice between God only and the stuff, what would you choose? In our society, where we long for the latest iPhones, the quickest Internet speed, the best clothes, the slimmest bodies, we find ourselves wrapped up in materialism and having more. In our own way, we take a “bite of the apple” often. It’s obvious that many would choose exactly like Eve did. All the while God is thinking, “What about me?” What about the One who is willing to walk among you? What about the God who created you from your mothers womb? What about me? We serve a jealous God. Your Creator desires to have such an intimate relationship that nothing and no one can stand between you and him. Your spouse, your children, your job, the latest and greatest of today’s best products, should ever be obstacle between you and your Father. Yet, we often find ourselves in the hustle and bustle We find ourselves searching out things, instead of seeking the very God who created them. My friends, there’s something about Eve in us all. Eve was chasing something that her Father could’ve given her at any moment. I am apt to believe that God didn’t desire to keep the knowledge of good and evil away from Adam and Eve. Instead, maybe He was waiting until they were mature enough to handle it all. He was waiting for them to realize that He was more than enough.

But in Eve’s rush to have it all, she lost it all. Is there something about Eve in you? Will you give in to eating of treasures around you or seek the One who holds all the treasure.

Here’s a practical example. Suppose you knew Steve Jobs, creator of Apple, when he was alive. Imagine he told you, if you stick close to me and always treat me right, you will always have all you need. In fact, because I love you so much, I will tell you secrets about my creations, give you the best technology, and always put you in a position for greatness. He tells you it’s not because you earned it, it’s just because I love you. He says all he wants is a genuine relationship in return. I can assure you Steve would have had an instant million “best friends.” People would start to realize that there’s no need to crave the latest phones because they had relationship with the creator. They would know that there would be NO good thing that the creator, Steve Jobs, would keep from them. While some would just want the stuff, others would recognize the value of the connection. Pursuing relationship would be the goal, with the bonus of the benefits.

Our friend Eve, and so many of us, value the benefits over the relationship.

As God’s children, we must reach the point where He is enough. Yes, we have our goals, desires, and dreams. In fact, the Lord desires for you to have an abundant life (John 10:10) . However, what’s more important to God is for YOU to learn how to just BE with Him. In His presence, you will find the things you are seeking (Jeremiah 29:13) In His presence, you will find joy (Psalm 16:11). In His presence, you will find wisdom (James 1:5) In His presence, you will find peace (Philippians 4:6-8).

In His presence, you will find all you need (Matthew 6:33). Friends, let’s leave the Eve mentality in 2017! Let’s establish valuing His presence above all else. The stuff will come in due time. In fact, He’s not against you having it. The Lord will always grant favor to those who whole heartedly seek Him. This year, I challenge you to seek first!

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