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Great news! You can live a life of victory! In Victoria's brand new book, The Victory Walk: A 21-Day Devotional on Living A Victorious Life, you will learn all about how to live a victorious life! Victory is not subtle. In fact, it is a violent proclamation that you can win against all odds! The reality is that most people will live a life of defeat because they are unaware that the mundane, lackluster life does not belong to those who have accepted Christ! Broken into three unique sections, this book is designed to get you started on your journey! Section one will focus on victory, itself. What is victory? How can I get it! Section two points out victory blockers in your everyday life! Shame, unforgiveness, fear! There are many more but let's start there. The last section is all about how to "walk the walk" and "talk the talk". It’s not good enough to learn about victory, yet have no tools to move forward! The last section is where things start moving and if you dig in, the results will be life changing! 

Grab your pencil and your Bible, and let's start walking the victory walk!
Order you e-book on Amazon by clicking HERE. 
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