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Meet Hawani Tessema...a true worshipper

Photo by Bella and Beau Photograpy

The moment you meet Ms. Hawani Tessema you think "Wow, she is stunning!" Then she opens her mouth...and everything changes. Not only is she beautiful, but her warm heart, humble spirit, and love for peace radiates through with each word. Originally from Ethopia, Hawani has a heart for nonprofits, worship, and helping those in need. Hawani has obtained a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Master's Degree in Global Health to help her with her goals of touching those in need of justice. She has served as a child assault prevention facilitator, congressional intern, and ministry leader. She currently works as a contract manager assisting those who disabled with obtaining jobs.

Outside of working full time, Hawani loves to lead others through worship. Her anointed voice and true passion for Christ makes every worship experience with Hawani one to remember. She is not only an amazing singer but she also writes music that display God's hope for every listener.

In her own words "It's quite humbling to write songs that God uses to awaken hearts, to encourage, and transform lives...Carefully picked words carried in melodies have a way to the soul. Our hope is that theses melodies carry truth and encouragement into hearts, breaking bondages and lies and empowering us to live fully awake, to the Glory of God."

Hawani's passion to inspire the masses, drive to serve those in need, and love for Christ makes her a TRUE woman of victory!

Hands claps all around for Hawani.

Be sure to check out this amazing song, download, and follow her page Forever Lit! You can download her music on ITUNES as well!


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