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Meet Brenda Parker...a woman of joy

If you are ever so blessed to meet Brenda Parker, you would fall in love with her infectious smile and radiant joy!

Brenda is a mother of four and military spouse residing in the local DC area. During the week, you will find her serving as a cast member at the famous Mount Vernon estate. Her role as an actress on the estate is how she educates others around her of the realities of slavery during the of era of George Washington. Her smile and joy while playing the role of Caroline Branham (a well known slave of George Washington) is one that inspires hope in the midst of a difficult subject.

Outside of her job at Mount Vernon Estate, Brenda Parker has held roles in several local plays. Her most recent role in Steel Magnolias was one that inspired the audience. While attending this play personally, Mrs. Parker received rave reviews for being "central character everyone looked forward to". It is evident that she truly loves to recreate characters with her own joyful flare.

In addition to her job as an actress, Brenda is also known as Pastor Brenda. Alongside her husband James, she serves at her local church in many capacities. Many see Brenda as a second mother in her church.Her warmth and love is felt by everyone who crosses her path.

In her own words.."I believe that laughter truly is the best medicine for every situation and circumstance".

Recently, after a sudden illness attempted to take the life of her husband. She STILL remained the most joyful and hopeful person. When things got tough, Brenda wouldn't complain. When the Dr's report did not reflect the report of the Lord, Brenda would say "God is up to something BIG"

Brenda's positive attitude, unwavering faith, and ability to inspire the masses through her gifts make her a true woman of victory. The joy of the Lord is truly her strength. It is evident that this joy she carries is one of her strongest weapons against the enemy!

Brenda Parker is a TRUE woman of victory!

Let's learn a lesson from Brenda. The next time things are not going according to plan, choose the path of joy. It will take you much further than frustration. The next time you are facing a tough moment, think "God is up to something big!"



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