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A Speeding Ticket and God's Grace

Today I got pulled over by the police.

And when I did, I had a "moment".

You know those "moments" when you are so overwhelmed you have to tell the poor person your whole story of why you were going 13 over! The truth is I've been up alllll night with a sick, throwing up baby! I'm exhausted! How many parents can relate to this??

So when the cop asked me why I was going so fast, I had to be vulnerable. Partially because I was so relieved to have a venting session.

Me-Officer I'm exhausted and I am in a fog from being up all night with my baby. I didn't even see you. My baby has been throwing up all night. I won't fight the ticket, I'm so tired!

Officer-Have you had a ticket before?

Me- Yes, when this same baby was screaming his head off 8 months ago and I didn't make a complete stop at the sign.

Officer- We all get overwhelmed. I understand.

Officer hands back my information.

Officer- That baby sure is getting you into trouble. See this as a warning!

Me- Ugly cry all the way home. (Yes the nasty snotty kind!)

I DESERVED that ticket! Grace means undeserved favor. God's grace allowed that officer to not give me what I was owed. A huge ticket! That's just one of the things Gods grace has afforded me. I'm so thankful I was willing to be vulnerable in that moment.

The take away...sometimes your honesty and admittance of NOT being perfect will grant you favor. We all have "moments". However, people around you need to know that you are authentic. Most times, people would love to bless you if you allow them to!

If pride comes before the fall, then humility must come before you rise!

I encourage you to be real, be vulnerable, and be open to God's grace! Clearly, I could have said, "No officer, I deserve this ticket. Hit me with you biggest one!" But that would be insane!

Instead, I recognized that this was God giving me grace in that moment. Just like He has done so many times! All we have to do is be willing to receive the gift!

Ephesians 2:8-God saved you through faith as an act of kindness. You had nothing to do with it. Being saved is a gift from God


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