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What Is God Saying At The Stops?

Recently, while driving, I was caught by EVERY...SINGLE...STOP...LIGHT...that has everrrr...existed in my life!

In a rush, I was frustrated because I had somewhere to BE. People were expecting me and I needed to be at my destination. These pesky red lights were in MY way! Of course, it's in these moments we have two choices. Throw a mini-tantrum in the car and have a moment of road rage OR take a deep breath and listen.

This is one of those moments where God will take an annoying earthly situation and use it for a heavenly opportunity!

I heard the Lord say, "Will you trust me at the stops?"

The stops in life look a little different for everyone. The loss of a job, suddenly needing to move to a new place, the birth of a child can all be a stop. Not all stops are bad, but they typically are the start of a new season of your life. The stops are the moments when you loose your momentum due to life's circumstances. They can be frustrating moments. And we know how life works, we find one stop after another smacking us in the face! At these moments, we have two choices. Throw a mini-tantrum or take a deep breath and listen!

Here's what I have come to learn. Many of us choose choice one, the tantrum. The adult tantrum comes in the form of complaining, whining, bitterness, anger with the Lord, rage or isolation. Oh, it gets ugly at the stops! Am I right? 

BUT...what IF we saw each stop a little differently!

The truth is the red light signal was created for your safety. If everyone went down roads at full speed with no stop in sight, the result would be disastrous and deadly. The stops were made to keep you out of trouble and to preserve you. Our response will determine how effective these moments will be. At this point, you may be thinking why would God stop me? Or allow for a break in momentum?

The great news is the stops are not to keep us away from our destiny and God's plan for our life!

In the stops, we can pause and listen. We can learn if there is a new path to take. We can see danger ahead more clearly. 

But the Lord is wondering, will you trust Him at the stops?

Will you listen for His voice in the moments when you don't quite understand?

Will you choose this as a moment to lean in?

Will you respond in frustration or in faith?

It's time we learn to embrace the pauses in life! They do not signal the end of your purpose in life. They are opportunities for growth and learning! After all, blowing through the red lights is a dangerous way to live your life.

“Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:”  

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