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Are you in the sunken place? #GETOUT

Christian review Get Out

Recently, I watched what many are calling a cinematic masterpiece, Get Out. I must say, I agree! The movie, although eerie, should cause any viewer to rethink their existence and role in society.

A major theme of the movie is the "sunken place". Without giving away too many spoilers, the "sunken place" is where people who are hypnotized live. Although they are physically present, in their mind they are in a constant state of falling through space. They can see the world around them, but they are a silent trapped observer.

You may be in the "sunken place" if...

you have no control over your emotions...

you are easily influenced or manipulated...

out of touch with the truth....

full of fear....

Some of us may not even realize we have given over our power. Perhaps, it's the person who allows others to dictate their self image. The woman who sleeps around for attention. The man who allows themselves to be overworked and underpaid. The teen who's constantly bullied. The child who can never be "good enough". The mom who allows comparison to trap her daily.

Shame, guilt, regret, offense, toxic relationships, deception, all leave you with a loss of control.

My friend, are you sunken?

Some people find it easier to stay here! They will say "this is just who I am".

At a certain point, however, you have to #getout! But for those who saw the movie, you know you have to fight for it! Your freedom won't come subtly or by weakly stating that you wish you were free.

The Bible says we wrestle not against flesh and blood! This battle is a spiritual one. It will be fought through words, God's words! God words will be the only words that will release you to get out! The truth is the devil loves to keep you sunken, out of control of your mind and emotions. But this is not God's will.

You can decide today that you will no longer allow others to have power of you! The power of God is stronger than every word and attack the world will throw at you!

I pray that if you are in the sunken place, that you chose to GET OUT!

I encourage you to pray the prayer below as a first step! Find a local church that can help you walk through what it means to be truly free!

Who the Son sets free is truly free, indeed!

Dear Jesus,

I accept you into my heart. Forgive me for allowing shame, guilt, jealousy, anger, ____________ to leave me in a place of helplessness. Lord, I ask that you illuminate every attack of the enemy in my life to hypnotize me with lies. Help me to be free and to not be sunken into fear or depression. Help me to have self-control and experience inner joy. I break every curse that has attempted to rule over my life to keep me unaware. Thank you Lord for setting me free. Amen.


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