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Meet Trinity...the one of sweet faith

Most people who meet Trinity describe her as "very sweet". She has a gentleness and desire to help people that many young girls at her age do not possess. However, there's more to Trinity than what meets the eye. She has been through some tough moments, yet she remains a young lady who trusts the Lord and gives to others.

At the age of four, Trinity was like most other little girls, full of life and energy. One summer day, after receiving a short visit from her grandparents, she began to act strange. Although, she had been potty trained for two years, she had to use the bathroom 3 times in an hour. And the last time, resulted in her having an accident in a local store. This was very unlikely for Trinity and she was overwhelmed with sadness. Nonetheless. about an hour later she went off to nap like she did every other day. However, during this naptime she would face the unimaginable. At some point during naptime, Trinity would suffer a grand mal seizure. While checking on the children at nap, Trinity's father would find her uncontrollably shaking and completely unresponsive. This would continue as her parents called 911. Her seizure lasted for at least 15 minutes. She remained unresponsive to her name and difficult to awaken for several hours. After being transferred and admitted to Walter Reed, it was concluded that this was a "fluke" and she would be alright. It was determined that the emotions of having an accident in the store and the short visit from her grandparents may have caused a rare spike in emotion that caused an overload for her brain. While in the hospital, Trinity never complained and lit up the children's hospital floor with dancing and song. It seemed she was in the clear to continue her normal life.

However, after six months of being seizure free, things took a turn for the worse. One day during naptime, Trinity's younger brother came downstairs to report Trinity was "very sick". Her parents would arrive to her bedside to see she had already vomited several times, her lips were blue, and her eyes rolled to the back of her head. The scene was dire and it looked like this seizure would be the end of the joyous girl everyone once knew. After being admitted to Walter Reed again, it was seen that Trinity had abnormal brain activity in the left temporal lobe which spiked during sleep. This form of seizure disorder was very dangerous as a seizure could go unnoticed during times of rest. It was a deadly form of epilepsy, according to the doctors. She was prescribed a daily medication in hopes she would never have a seizure again and outgrow it. To this day, six years later, she is still on this medication.

What is amazing about Trinity is that in the midst of this all she has remained positive. She never speaks about having limitations or complains about her medication. In fact, she willingly tells others what is happening in her life. Trinity has a strong level of faith and always believes that her next appointment will be her last. Although she has been unable to wean from her medication, she often talks about the day she will no longer have to take it. For Trinity, it's not "if" but when. With every prayer for her complete healing, she stands in full faith that all her brain activity will go back to normal.

In addition to Trinity's positive attitude, she loves taking care of others. She truly has a passion for helping children. Part of this may come from being the oldest of five children. Recently, she started an organization called SHADES AND GLAZE. This nonprofit is about providing relief from hot temperatures for children who are less fortunate. Her company seeks to provide chapsticks and sunglasses to children who live in countries with severe heat. Last year, she was able to send her first big shipment with Linsdey Parry to Panama during a missions trip. Over 50 children experienced chapstick for the first time! And not just any chapstick, Trinity had to choose the ones that tasted like candy and her favorite soda! The children were so blessed as well as the adults on the trip. It is Trinity's goal to expand her non-profit to include hats as well!

Trinity also excels in school as she is on the honor roll and serves in several activities. She is a member of the book club, cheerleading, chorus, student counsel government, and a Star Student. Her teachers describe her as a leader in the classroom and one that is always on task. She also helps at home with her four youunger brothers. Even at her local church, she is seen a a young lady that can be trusted and listens well.

Trinity's strong faith and her passion to be a leader at home and in the community makes her a true young lady of victory! For Trinity, victory means "winning". Trinity is winning in every arena. And all with a great attitude and determination!

Let's congratulate this week's Young Lady of Victory, Trinity! If you love this articles share and comment VICTORY!

For more on SHADES AND GLAZE and how to donate please email

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