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The Hook of Doubt

Recently, I watched a documentary about the food industry. The documentary asserted that food companies PURPOSELY sponsor and support studies that have conflicting information about their product. For example, a dairy company will purposely, yet secretly, publish data to encourage and discourage you drinking milk.

The reason is because they want the consumer to have DOUBT!

These billion dollar companies have discovered that by inserting the element of doubt they can control the market. They have realized when faced with doubt and conflicting evidence most consumers will resort to their comfort zone. The tall glass of milk, the juicy piece of steak, the diet coke and whatever else they choose for you to buy.


That brings us to the enemy of your soul! THE Devil! Have you ever noticed that he loves to encourage you to doubt?

What if God is not real…

What if God does not heal…

What if this whole thing is just a lie…

The more you doubt, the more you run back to your comfort zone! Less praying, less believing, less seeking God, more anxiety and more confusion all around! You have become like the doubtful consumer that companies bank on.

Doubt is the enemy's hook to lead you into disbelief of God and His abilities.

The Bible says we are to be aware of the enemy's devices. The reality is the enemy is not pulling out any new tricks. Doubt is what captivated Eve from the very beginning. The devil even tried to trick Jesus with doubt. We see it as a consistent thread throughout the Bible. Doubt of who God is and His power will inevitably lead you directly into confusion and sin.

What then can we do to combat this doubt! A wise man of God I once knew explained it like this, "The only thing the enemy can do is offer you a serving of suggestion". In other words, the enemy loves to whisper little thoughts into your mind about God. However, we have to choose whether we take in that spoon of what the enemy is serving. In my life, I have seen that the ONLY way to combat doubt is with the word of God!

For every doubt, attack it with the Word of God.

Will God really heal? By His stripes, I am healed.(Isaiah 53:5)

Does God really love me? I am His prized possession.(James 1:18)

Does God really think of me? He has more thoughts of me than the grains of sand.(Psalm 139:18)

Does God really tell the truth? God is not like man that He should lie. (Numbers 23:19)

For EVERY doubt, the Bible can counter it with a promise and beautiful truth. When you have the God's words as your foundation, it will prove difficult for the enemy to sway you with doubt!

I encourage you to not allow doubt to reside in your hearts any longer! Use every doubt as an opportunity to dig deeper and learn more about who God is! True victory is discerning God's truth from the enemy's lies. A helpful hint, any thought that strays you away from God, tells you that you are less than, or inserts fear, is not from God. It is simply another trick of the enemy to trap you.

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