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Meet Saba...the one molded by His words

Stunning, inspirational, intelligent, innovative and humble, are all words which describe Miss Saba Fassil. Born in Chicago and raised in Ethiopia, Saba is a woman of many trades. She studied Economics at George Washington University and currently works in D.C., supporting programs that provide assistance for small businesses. However, outside of her daytime job, she serves as the ministry leader of Pinky Promise DC. This national ministry encourages women to dedicate their lives to honoring God through “sisterhood, accountability, and community service”. Although Saba’s work ethic and drive are commendable, it is her desire to trust in the Lord that makes her a woman of victory!

Earlier this year, the Lord began to speak to Saba's heart. The Lord spoke to her very clearly to not allow anything outside of Him to mold her. He assured her that the experiences, setbacks, mistakes, and insecurities would not be what defined her. In her words, “the school of life would not do more molding than the Book of life”. After this beautiful moment, Saba began to lean deeper into the Lord’s presence and recognize Him as the potter in her life.

It is no surprise that Saba's favorite Bible verse is found in Ecclesiastes 7:8, "The end of a thing is better than its beginning".

Saba's leaning into this new revelation catapulted her into a journey of seeking God's next move for her. She began researching and started her own business, Made & Done. Made & Done is an online boutique which aims to make a positive influence on individuals, and communities through fashion, chocolate, and creative writing. Saba has developed a unique passion for fashion and chocolate over the years. However, she recognized that combining the two was something she was unfamiliar with. During the last 3-4 years, Saba has spent time researching as much she could about the cocoa industry. She educated herself through books, chocolate trade shows, and networking with people in the industry.This is where she quickly observed the gap in the cocoa industry. She even learned that Africa is the largest exporter of cocoa, but benefits the least.

To no surprise, this woman of victory began to seek the Lord for how she could be a contribute to solve this problem while following her passion. She has begun working alongside a local chocolate maker to create her own milk and dark chocolate recipe. This new recipe uses cocoa from Madagascar and other parts of the world, but is laced with Ethiopian coffee. In addition to chocolate, she is also working with clothing designers to fill her boutique with pieces that represent her taste and fashion. Within the very near future, Made & Done will officially be released for all to enjoy a sweet taste of what God is doing in Saba’s life!

Saba sees the incorporating of Made & Done as a great testimony of God’s faithfulness. She has seen that every effort she makes, God multiplies. Saba is a true example of the saying, “Do your best and let God do the rest”.

Saba recognizes that victory is an action word! She has learned that when God speaks, she moves!

“God has come to give me abundant life. I am victorious not because of I am problem free, but because He is great. He is for me. He is a great potter. I feel victorious because God is extremely faithful, and He is really good at His job. “ Saba Fassil

Let’s congratulate Saba on being this week’s woman of victory! Surely, this young lady has been MADE well by God! And He is saying well DONE! May we all learn a lesson from Saba that God is willing to give you those things in life you have a passion for! May you not grow weary or defeated on the way to your dream!


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