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5 Reasons You Should Create A Vision Board

Last year, I was invited to a vision board party. Although I had heard of them before, I found the concept rather silly. What good is pasting pictures on a poster board going to do?

However, in 2016, I decided to pray before I went to the party and ask God for a specific vision for 2017. At the party, I went for it. I dreamed big and tried to fit all that the Lord had spoken and even some personal desires on the board. After the party, I hung up my board in my bedroom as a reminder. And although 2017 has had its rough patches, I can truly see how much of what I prayed for on my board happened or is in the process of evolving. Start a blog called Victory Speaks✔️ Inspire women and men weekly on blog ✔️ Have 1000 followers on blog- At 870 Have a baby girl-✔️ Look into home buying process ✔️ Grow in grace and love ✔️ Write a book ✔️ Have a team of friends ✔️ There’s so much more I crammed into this poster board. However, the point is not all that I gained but all that the Lord taught me in the process. The Lord gave me a tangible way to increase my faith and believe for His promises. “The LORD answered me: Write down this vision; clearly inscribe it on tablets so one may easily read it. “ Hab. 2:2 My friends, will you write the vision? Many of us have dreams that we’ve been hoping to see come into fruition. Yet, we have no place to start. Writing it down, will be your step one. Here are a few reasons you should not delay creating your own vision board. 1.) When your vision is written, you can easily reject every situation and thought that does not align with it. For example, if your vision states that you will be debt free, you can easily reject the notion of applying for multiple credit cards. You can easily recognize this as a trap from the enemy. 2.) Writing the vision is biblical. We see that the Lord is huge on writing things clearly. He gives Moses a vision on tablets, and even gives very specific instructions on how he wants every single aspect and engraving of His temple in the Old Testament. Every moment and every word counts with God. 3.) The vision doesn’t belong to you! The vision the Lord’s placed in your heart is not for you ONLY! Yes you will benefit! But God visions bless those around even more. Imagine if Dr. Martin Luther King kept his vision to himself! God visions impact generations and culture. How dare anyone consider being selfish about it? 4.) When we write, our memory automatically records. Many of us can recall writing spelling words at least 10 times to remember them for a test. There’s something special about when the hands and eyes come together to create. God dreams plus your effort will be what catapults your vision. God’s given you the dream, now you must act. 5.) Your vision board is your reminder and will be a reference for your testimony. As I wrote my vision board last year, there were some snickers. Some thought my vision was too big or even silly when I believed for a daughter. However, these were the things God spoke to my heart. And day after day, as I looked at this vision, I was reminded of God’s best for my 2017. I was reminded that God could move past other people’s thoughts, the enemy’s plans, and even my own insecurities to help his wonderful plan come into fruition. As you enter this season of celebrating new beginnings, be sure to make God’s plan for your life your focus. I encourage you to write down your vision in a way that you can easily refer to it. Over the year, the Lord may do some adjustments and even cause you to add. But never be too afraid to dream. Remember, your vision is not just for you. You will experience a life of victory when you choose to walk out God’s plan for your life boldly. Wait no longer friends, write the vision. John 20:31- but these have been written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing you may have life in His name.

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