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Meet T.Jay...The One Who Loves Well

Victory can be described in many different ways. Recently, I’ve learned that one way to be truly victorious is to focus more on giving than receiving. Learning to love people and consider others above ourselves is a great victory indeed! This is exactly what Pastor T.Jay Williams of Freedom Community Church is doing weekly!

Originally from Clearwater, Florida, Pastor T. Jay loves to surf, play guitar, and spend time with his family. Although he may look like a regular guy, he is making a profound difference within his local community. As a father of three children, foster parent, volunteer chaplain for Dale City Fire Department, realtor, and pastor, he holds many roles as a servant-leader. However, his latest project is creating a lasting impact on the Woodbridge/Manassas area.

With the help of his wife Cresta Williams and Freedom Community Church, he has recently started the Loch Lomond Food Pantry. Cresta, an educator and producer for Pied Piper Theater in Manassas, has been the most instrumental piece in establishing and the implementation of the food pantry. Within six months of its opening , the pantry grown to feed over 300 individuals twice a month. Recently, the pantry has also added in clothes as a part of their giving. This ministry truly displays the love of God in action. For I was hungry, and you fed me. I was thirsty, and you gave me a drink. I was a stranger, and you invited me into your home. Matthew 25:35

Although Freedom Community Church can be well applauded for their work in the Loch Lomond Food Pantry, this is just one of their many acts of kindness. Pastor T.Jay has also created the #FreedomCares Projects ministry. This ministry has a heavy focus on outreach. From backpack giveaways to providing over 400 children with Christmas presents last year, Freedom Community Church has an emphasis on being the “hands and feet” of Jesus on Earth.

“We started the church to make disciples by reaching up and reaching out. One way we do that is to reach out to the community with His Love that we get from connecting with Him (reaching up).” Pastor T. Jay Williams

Even when he was asked what he’s passionate about, his answers all focused on others versus himself. “I’m passionate about making disciples, counseling, and seeing life change in people,” says Pastor T. Jay Williams.

Although life hasn’t always been easy for Pastor T.Jay, he professes that he is victorious. During our interview, he shared how he battled with his speech as a child. “I stuttered bad as a kid. I had to take speech therapy all through elementary school. When God called me to pastoral ministry in high school, I had to make sure it wasn't just God's sense of humor. He has given me victory over the stuttering, slowly over the past 19 years. It has kept me prayerful and humble. It proves to me that He can use anyone, with any self-perceived-hindrance...not a hindrance for God. God has shown himself strong in the good times and the bad times” Pastor T. Jay Williams In my time knowing him, I can attest he is a man of true humility, integrity, and grace. His passion for helping people, in any way he can, makes him a true man of victory! His life and ministry is a perfect example of love in action. He loves people

not “just enough.” He loves them very well. Much like his favorite bible verse, Ephesians 3:20, he uses what he has to bless everyone he comes in contact with.

Join us in congratulating Pastor T.Jay Williams as being Victory Speaks’ FIRST Man of Victory!

His love for God’s people and giving nature makes him victorious indeed! Pastor T. Jay, may God continue to bless your ministry beyond your wildest imaginations and continue to use you as a light for those in need.

“The way you love people reflects the God you serve.” Pastor T.Jay Williams LIKE, SHARE, and COMMENT Victory” if you love how Pastor T.Jay is impacting his community for Jesus!! For more on Freedom Community Church click here. We also invite you to participate in their grant match program where each dollar donated will be matched by the North American Mission Board. Proceeds will help feed more families and boost the outreach done during the #FreedomCares project. You can donate by clicking here .

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