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Seizures, Trust, and Triumph

The worst day of my life started like every other Saturday in our home. Little did I know, I would spend the next four nights in the hospital with my child praying that she would be "normal again.”

Just like any other Saturday, I had plans for a perfect weekend. The first stop was the library. However, within minutes of our arrival, my three-month-old was crying, my two-year-old was running, and my four-year-old was miserable. Needless to say, we shuffled out of the library in sheer embarrassment of our unruly crew. Sitting in the backseat with the little ones, I realized my plans were not working out. To make matters worse, we had to stop twice in a ten-minute period to let my four-year-old daughter, Trinity, use the bathroom. In a moment of agitation, I decided we would just go to a store near our home and go home. My plans of a “perfect” family day was not going to happen.

It was in the store things began to unravel. A few minutes after being in the store, my four-year-old peed herself in the store. I was furious!

She had just been to the bathroom twice! At this point, I stormed us out of the store. This day had pushed me over the edge and I was certain to tell my daughter how disappointed I was.

Even the best moms miss it.

We drove home and I went straight to my room with the baby, while my husband prepared the children for nap. Typically, I would pray over my children before they slept. However, today in my anger and frustration, I shut myself off from everyone. Within thirty minutes, I heard my husband scream my name. I instantly knew something was wrong with my daughter. As I rushed into her room, I saw the most horrific sight.

My daughter was having a grand-mal seizure.

Completely unresponsive, eyes rolling back, and convulsing from head to toe, I couldn’t believe it. In my mind, I believed she would never be the same. Would she ballerina dance or sing again? Would she run or graduate high school. 

I had yelled at her a few moments before for peeing in the store. I began to fear this would be her last memory of me. I cried and begged my daughter to forgive me for treating her so cold. After ten minutes, she began to slowly come out of her seizure and the ambulance arrived.  When we arrived at the hospital, we learned that her constant urination earlier in the day was a warning sign for a seizure. However, after various tests, she appeared to be normal. Four days later, we were sent home with high hopes.

Trinity appeared to return to her normal life. However, after six months she had another seizure. This was one was more severe than the last. A decision was made to put her on medication. Without the medication, she could have more seizures with irreversible and deadly consequences.

After the second seizure, I was on mission to ensure this never happened again. I spent many nights relentlessly watching over the baby monitor.

I started to go into a deep depression trying to keep up with it all.

One day, in a moment of despair, I cried out to God. He began to speak to me on trusting Him.

Why not allow trust God to take care of my daughter?

If God has already provided her healing, why not stand on these promises instead?

A weight was lifted when I decided to trust God.

I began to read scriptures on healing. I started to pray over my child in faith, not fear. Now, six years later, I can proclaim my daughter has never had another seizure. 

She is completely healed!

What started of as one of the worst days of my life, God used to catapult me into great faith. He met me in the middle of my fear and gave me hope and peace. He taught me that even when things do not go as planned, He always has a plan. For this, I will be forever grateful and encouraged.

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6-7 NKJV

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