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  • Writer's pictureVictoria Riollano of Victory Speaks

Embracing the "V" Word

Vulnerability- capable of or susceptible to being wounded or hurt, as by a weapon.

The word vulnerability has become an embraced concept over the last few years. We are encouraged to share our hearts and be open with those who love us. 

We must be vulnerable with our friends.

We must be vulnerable with our children.

We must be vulnerable with our God.

However, when I look at the definition of vulnerability, I am reminded of the reality of what is at stake. The truth is the word vulnerable means something being utterly exposed.

The deer standing in front of the lion is vulnerable.

The child facing the bully is vulnerable.

The woman sharing her life’s torments with a counselor is vulnerable.

All these situations lead the word vulnerability to feel like something that is raw and unproductive to anyone with common sense. Yet, for some reason in churches, Ted talks, and blogs across the world the “V” word keeps coming up. And if I’m honest, I see vulnerability endorsed by God.

Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working. James 5:16

I’m left to ask myself why would God want us to share the most intimate places with others. Wouldn’t it be wiser for God to just have us bring it all to Him? Surely, He could fix our wounds and there’s no fear of being exposed in front of a God who knows it all. Yet, this God is the one says, “confess your sins” so that you may be healed. 

Vulnerability with others is correlated with healing.

The truth of the matter is that many are suffering. There are churches FULL of people who praise the Lord on Sunday but are depressed by Monday. Substance abuse, infidelity, eating disorders, are all quietly lurking around the church. Not because the church is “bad”, but because it’s full of imperfect people too afraid to be EXPOSED. 

Vulnerability is not just for the person sharing; it is for the person listening. We all need to be assured that we are not alone. We all need to know that others have struggles and the perfect masks of humanity are not real. We all need to share and hear raw emotion and battles that remind us of who we need to run to and trust.

I am convinced that God desires vulnerability because it reminds us that He is our greatest strength in weakness. 

I encourage you to run towards vulnerability. First, be vulnerable with God. Cry out to Him with your whole heart. Secondly, with wisdom, find someone that you can trust to share your heart. God may give them the exact words needed for you to break through your toughest time. 

God created us in the context of community. It is time we release the taboo of sharing our heart. There is victory in being authentic and real. Let's use this week to rethink how we view vulnerability. 


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