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Farewell to Sorrow

Sorrow- distress caused by loss, affliction, disappointment, etc.; grief, sadness, or regret.

Sorrow, a deep pain that won’t budge.

Sorrow, an internal morning over what has taken place

As I was praying over what to share. The words that kept resounding in my heart were, “Farewell to sorrow.”

Some of us have been through some things in the last few months that have rocked us to our core. Things that have challenged our faith. Things have left us thinking if God loves me, then WHY? Why has this happened? Why did He allow it? Why? This constant flood of questions have left you more confused than ever and literally chained up in this nasty word called…sorrow.

I am reminded of Eve. Eve was more than likely the first to ever experience a deep sorrow. Here she was, born in perfection and made a choice that would change history. Not only did she make a bad choice, she encouraged her husband to do the same. The very Earth rebelled once they took that God-forsaken bite. Sorrow indeed. Guilt, shame, and a constant unsettling must have fallen on Eve. Then she gives birth to sons. One kills the other. The murderer never to be seen again. All as a result of her taking the bite.

Eve knew about sorrow.

So many women in the Bible knew about sorrow. Esther, Hannah, Sarah, all experienced a deep sorrow that some would say would be unshakable. However, in every situation, the Lord turned their story around. Jesus would be sent to rectify the sin of Eve. Esther would be used to bring freedom. Hannah and Sarah would have their promised children. Every sorrow was met with God’s glory. Every sorrow was met with a plan of victory.

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28

That means even your moments of sorrow will eventually fade and the Lord will use it for a glorious purpose. Today, the Lord is saying that He is drying tears of the past. He is giving you a fresh start. But it starts with you, it starts with you saying

Farewell to sorrow

Consider the story of Lazarus. We see that the Lord raised Him from the dead. However, Lazarus was still literally wrapped in the stench of death. He had to literally unwrap layer by layer of his tomb clothes and step out it. Although the Lord had delivered him from death, there was a responsibility to say farewell to his former state of being. In the same way, the Lord is wanting to know are you willing to take steps to intentionally be free from the sorrow of the past. Are you willing to say farewell? This may mean letting go of some toxic situations or forgiving the one who hurt you. I believe the Lord will show you EXACTLY what it means for you.

Today, let’s make a choice to receive God’s plan of restoration for us. Ask the Lord for how you can move forward today. There is great victory in letting go of the old pain and allowing God to heal us! Yes, we realize the pain happened. Yet, we grow from it and learn so that we can become better versions of ourselves.

Let's use today to decide we no longer want to stay bitter,frustrated, and stagnant any longer. Let's say...

Farewell to sorrow.

Dear Lord, I need your help. There's been years of pain and situations that have left me defeated. Today, remind me that I am not a victim of circumstance. I am an overcomer! Lord, forgive me for not staying patient as things have happened and show me how to not grow weary. I thank you for restoring my joy and bringing me to a place of restoration. Lord, I receive your healing. Help sorrow to no longer be associated with my name. Let only your words of encouragement stay in the forefront of my mind.

In Jesus Name. Amen.

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