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Embrace Your Own Spark

Comparison- to estimate, measure, or note the similarity or dissimilarity between.

For years, I stayed in a place of comparison. I watched others who seemed to be blessed and wondered when would I "have what they have" or be able to "do what they can do." This comparison would eat me up over time and lead to severe depression. I spent years so caught up in other people's shine, I forgot to embrace my own spark. I forgot that God had a plan for my life to shine the way He had called me to do it. But before I get into that, I wanted to share with you this illustration the Lord spoke to me years ago

Imagine having three children. One day, you decide to pass out gifts based on their personality, desires, and dreams. You give one child a science kit who has a love for experiments. Another child may receive a canvas and paint brush set, as they want to be an artist. However, another receives a baking kit, as they like measurements and creativity. As the parent, there would be an excitement and thrill that comes from watching your child come alive with their gifts. However, what would your perspective be if the child with the science kit became envious of the child with the art set? How would you feel if the child that has the gift of science is suddenly having sleepless nights over the art set that he did not receive? The reality is you would want the children to trust that you gave them the correct gift and that you had their best interest in mind.

In the same way, God has given you unique treasures that are for you to grab a hold of. The true question is, do you see yourself in this example? Are you like the child who does not steward their own gift?

Are your eyes so focused on someone else’s gift and calling that you are unable to appreciate your own gifts?

If so, my friends, you may be dealing with issue of comparison. Comparison starts off really subtle in many cases. Then it turns into jealousy and at times resentment. You can go from wishing you had “this” like another to hating them for having “this.” Comparison can become so deeply rooted that you may even start to despise yourself or even your God for not having “this.” Fortunately, God is not one to condemn. He doesn’t think to Himself, “What a dirty rotten, ungrateful child I have! I will never give them a thing again.” Instead, He draws closer and reminds you of what He has called you to do.

As a military spouse, I spent years in comparison. I spent years being involved in things and even ministries so that I could look like I had it all together. However, the reality is I burned myself out in an attempt to live up to the image of the next person. So much so, that I found myself in a very dark and suicidal place. There was a moment where trying to be like everyone else robbed me of ME.

Galatians 6: 4-Pay careful attention to your own work, for then you will get the satisfaction of a job well done, and you won’t need to compare yourself to anyone else.

Comparison takes our eyes off of the Lord’s divine destiny for us and places it on the imperfect people around us. Comparison is your way of telling God that His plan for your life is not good enough. Just like the children in the example above, comparison blocks your ability to pay attention to what the Lord is given you in this season.

However, there is still another point we MUST consider. If you are called to be a baker, but envious of the seamstress, who will be the baker who bakes with passion? If you are called to be a writer, but envious of the artist, who will be the writer who writes with all their being? My friends, when your eyes are so transfixed on your neighbor and their gifts, you will suddenly find that you won’t flow in your own appropriately. The world does not need the version of you that is second best and unfocused. The world needs the version of you that will use your gift to impact your community and your nation for God! Living out your God-given purpose is a your way of giving honor and worship to the Lord daily.

What would happen if you truly asked the Lord to reveal the reason you were created to be? What would happen if you no longer play games with the call and anointing on YOUR OWN life? I encourage, you to be bold enough to be the God-created version of you.

I leave you with this personal example. About four years ago, I began working as Disney travel agent. It was a great job as I could do it from home and take care of my children. However, after about two years, the Lord told me to stop and focus on my gift. Unfortunately, I was hard-headed. For me, this was my way of living up to the standards of all the other wives. So many wives were making money from home and appeared to have their own level of success. I had felt the Lord tugging on my heart to write, but the idea of losing the image, local popularity as the “go-to Disney lady”, and extra money was just too difficult for me. Then one day, the Lord began to speak to my heart that I would be more than satisfied if I let that go and walked into my true calling. I am thankful to say that since letting it go, I have so much freedom. The Lord has blessed me with so many opportunities for writing, leading worship at conferences, and even writing a book. I am convinced that many of this would have been delayed had I not let go of the job. Listening to the Lord may not always be easy in the moment, but it is always necessary. Although the job was great, God’s plan for me was greater. I have no regrets in running full force into what the Lord has called me to do.

I encourage, you to be bold enough to be the God-created version of you.

Embrace your OWN spark!

I pray that you no longer allow comparison and the need to keep up to rob you from your destiny! Instead, may you live out your passions and purpose boldly knowing that the greatest gift giver, God, never makes a mistake. His plans for you have been divinely orchestrated before you breathe your first breath. May you walk every desire out in Jesus name.

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