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Birthing The Dream, Because You Must

Last year around this time, the Lord spoke to my heart three words.

"It’s birthing season."

At this time in my life, I was seven months pregnant and it was clear I would be birthing something like it or not. With every pain, stretch, and discomfort, it was obvious I had no choice but to simply birth. In fact, there was no way out of it. I was in too deep.

The countdown was on.

Simultaneously, the Lord had been speaking to me to write a book. To many it seemed this was an unlikely choice as a mother of five to write a book while seven month pregnant. However, with every stretch, pain, and discomfort, I had no choice but to simply give birth.

There was a nagging in the pit of my soul that I had to release the words God spoke to my heart.

The countdown was on.

Sure enough, on the day that I received my first shipment of my book, The Victory Walk, I went into physical labor only hours later. The way God lined up the timing was truly something out of a storybook. It was clear. I had moved in God’s timing.

However, I cannot calculate how many times I had made the choice to simply NOT birth. I cannot fathom the number of times I clearly felt God urging me into new realms of possibility and I said, “NO.” There were times my excuses outweighed the reality of God’s grace and goodness. Because….

Certainly, if God gives you the vision, He will provide the resources, insight, and grace for you to complete the work.

Philippians 1:6- being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.

Yet, knowing full well that God will provide all that we need, we still may find ourselves stuck. We can have a belly FULL of vision but be too afraid to simply…give birth. We have every excuse for holding in our baby. But God is steady trying to send all the signs that it is time. He is sending all the signs that we must release what He’s placed inside of us.

Fear, the critique of others, failures, regrets, and the nagging insecurities, cause our “baby” to never develop properly and be released.

My friends, we must let it be NO MORE! We must remind ourselves of the words God has spoken over us. We must remind ourselves of the inner beating of our soul to do something more.

We must make a choice to live out God’s purpose for our lives unapologetically, authentically, and unashamed.

This choice will be one that is intentional and operates in wisdom of God’s perfect timing. However, what we can NOT do is hold it in. Eventually, the baby must be released. Otherwise, it will make you physically ill and deteriorate from the inside. Certainly, there is nothing more heartbreaking than a person who dies full of vision. If you have ever met an older person who is very bitter, it is very likely they had a dream that they simply ran out of time to birth. They have a life full of regrets for not completing their mission.

I ask you today, what is the vision?

What is the dream that you feel an anticipation to release?

What has God placed in your heart that is uniquely fashioned for your personality, flaws, talents, and giftings?

What have you been yearning for more of?

NOW is the TIME to say “yes.” Your "yes" in this moment may look like increased prayer about the vision, writing goals, or making a choice to begin tangibly working towards the goal. My prayer is that you run towards Gods plan for your life knowing that He desires only the best for you. Remember, the release of your dream will have generational repercussions. It's time to allow your dream to blossom, develop, and birth, because YOU MUST.


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