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Meet Tchaconna...the one who fights fearlessly

When you meet Tchaconna Brim, you will encounter a woman of sophistication and strength. Chances are, you will be drawn to her authenticity, candor, and wisdom.  Her charm and beauty is radiant. However, you will quickly learn, she is no stranger to adversity. 

Originally from Alexandria, Va, Tchaconna is one whose life has been focused on taking care of others. As a mother of one, and sister to many (biologically and in essence), she has always had a deep passion for giving back. Whether as an office manager for a psychiatric practice or an X-ray specialist, she’s always been drawn to service-driven jobs. Yet, admittedly,  she hadn’t found what she was truly passionate about. In many ways, she was going through the motions and helping all those she could along the way. 

In February 2018, however, her life took a sudden shift. Tchaconna received life-changing news; she was diagnosed with Stage 3B Breast Cancer. In order to fight the disease, she would need to do many months of intense chemotherapy (some lasting for 5 hours at a time) along with other invasive surgeries to save her life. She was devastated. 

In her words, 

”When I received my diagnosis my initial response was shock and confusion. How could this be happening to me? For 24 hours, I cried.  I promised myself that after those 24 hours of grieving, I would no longer cry. I would fight. Cancer could not and would not have me.”

Tchaconna did exactly this. She made a choice to stand up for her life! She started the #cancercameforthewronggirl hashtag and was on a mission to show everyone that they too can have hope in the midst of tragedy. From Facebook posts where she slays in her fancy scarves to reaching out to cancer patients individually, she has made a choice to allow her trust in God to override her fear. She has made a choice to keep her eyes on God.

It's no surprise that her favorite verse is found in Jeremiah 29:11.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

What has been most inspiring about Tchaconna’s journey is her positive attitude through it all. Though she's surely had tough and painful days, instead of complaining, she uses her time to motivate others who are also struggling with the disease. It is her goal to "help people navigate through this terrible disease."

Amazingly, this journey has given her a fresh energy and a passion.

”Before my diagnosis, I wasn’t really living. Now that I get to look back over things, I was just existing. I want to finish my nursing degree and become an oncology nurse. I just want to assure patients that they can get through such a difficult time in their lives.  Sometimes, the look that nurses give you lets you know you will be ok. I want them to look at me and see that I made it.” Tchaconna Brim 

Even in her toughest time, she has made the choice to dedicate her life to lifting others up. At a time when she could easily be inward thinking, her heart yearns to serve others. She is a perfect example that everything the enemy means for evil, God uses for good. 

Although she helped many along the way, she has also been encouraged by the community that has supported her. From her mother who has ”been her rock”, to her daughter ”who has been a loving soul”, to the numerous friends and family members who have prayed and given financially her, Tchaconna has found comfort knowing that she is not alone. 

As I have personally watched, prayed, and adored this courageous woman, I stand amazed at her courage. I am inspired how one can be so selfless while fighting their biggest struggle.

Victory means to overcome despite the obstacles.

Tchaconna has been the definition of victory. In her words, ”I am victorious because in this season I am an overcomer.  I have reached a new level in my faith. I have realized I can do and defeat any obstacle in my path.”

Join me in congratulating Tchaconna Brim as October's Woman of Victory. It gives me no greater pleasure than to show her the honor she so deserves. 

Though her treatment journey still continues, we join with you in this journey and call you a SURVIVOR

We join with you and say that cancer came for the WRONG girl! 

We join with you to pray for you in faith, not fear! 

We join you in speaking complete healing over your body! 

We join with you to believe that God will carry you and uphold you through it ALL!

We join with you to proclaim that you shall be and already are VICTORIOUS!

May we all learn from Tchaconna to use life’s challenges to run towards God and not away. It’s within Him we shall find our hope, healing, and victory. In Jesus Name!

”My faith is unwavering and I have been humbled in a way that is unimaginable to know the very thing that was meant to destroy me has set me free.” Tchaconna Brim 


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