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Meet Kim...the coach who cares

Kim Harshaw has a smile that lights up the room and a heart that cares!

Raised in the small town of Winchester, Virginia, Kim is a woman on the move. She is a proud mother to Dominic and dominates in many fields! Kim is a model, real estate investor, life coach, and sex-trafficking advocate. However, what makes her shine is her positive attitude and resilience.

Her desire to accept what the Lord has for her in a positive light is seen in her favorite bible verse.

Isaiah 22:22-I will place on his shoulder the key to the house of David; what he opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open.

Kim Harshaw is most known for her work as a coach at Destiny Propelled Life Coaching. Kim gained her passion for coaching when she began mentoring sex-trafficking victims. During this time, Kim also served as a director of victim services for a local non-profit (volunteer only) where she helped establish a mentoring pilot program with a local group home. Her desire to motivate others is what gave her the needed drive for her business. Kim is one of only 4000 women who are Certified Life Coaches through the Professional Woman Network. It is her desire to help clients by helping them to "understand and remove the blinders that keep them from seeing their full potential and purpose".

When asked why does she feel victorious Kim says, "I am victorious because of the blueprint that is inside of me that is part of my DNA and Destiny." She believes that it is her connection to God that gives her strength and keeps her undefeated.

"I'm resilient. I never give up, I keep pushing through even when I am faced with difficult situations. I use any setbacks in my life as my main motivators. I overcame a divorce, and debt with that divorce!! My divorce was part of my destiny, it had to happen, so did being a single mother. If I weren't a single mom today, I wouldn't be implementing a profound program for single mothers." Kim Harshaw

In addition, Kim is an advocate for human trafficking victims. Her previous volunteer experiences has given her the ability to teach others warning signs and methods to end human trafficking. At a recent event, Kimberly taught the audience the dangers of social media and which apps may be dangerous to teens. Kim truly has a wealth of knowledge in the area of cyber safety. In her speeches, she is able to empowers others to make wise choices and affect change! Although Kim has a heart for trafficking victims, she is also focused on youth development.

These are just a few of the avenues that Kim Harshaw has become an expert leader in. Kim is also a stunning model and has began work as a real estate investor. Kim is also excited to release a book in 2017! Recently, Kim even spoke on behalf of the HB1593 bill to eliminate taxation on feminine hygiene products in the state of Virginia!

She is truly one dynamite woman who is "always looking for a new project". Even more beautiful is that Kim still remains a mother who is dedicated and a friend who can take time for you. This is what inspires me about Kim!

Kim's determination to motivate others, her acceptance of how Christ empowers her, and her positive attitude makes her a true woman of victory!

A huge applause for this week's Woman of Victory Ms. Kim Harshaw!!!!

Want to know more...Visit Kim's website here.


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