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The Truth About Wisdom

Behold, I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.”

Jesus tells us to be as wise as serpents.

Chances are, most people, cringe at the thought of a serpent. Those who are remotely familiar with the Bible may even wonder how Jesus could tell us to take up the characteristic of a serpent the same creature present in Genesis when Adam took the fatal bite. Yet, Jesus doesn’t mince words in this passage.

He is sending the disciples out to minister the Gospel and they need to be wise and strategic. Being careless, moving too fast, or not following the direction provided by Jesus could be dangerous. Wisdom was necessary and so is meekness.

Today, I believe God is saying the same to us, “Are we willing to be as wise as a serpent?”

I am convinced that many of the issues we face today aren’t because we aren’t talented enough, influential enough, or that we even lack faith. I believe the choice not to see wisdom as a powerful tool keeps us making the same mistakes over and over and wondering, “Where is God?”

I want to pause and lean into this idea of being wise as a serpent. A serpent or snake is a creature that is crafty. When they enter a new territory they don’t announce themselves or make a scene. Instead, they lay low becoming aware of the environment. After a time of OBSERVATION, they make the decision to take the opportunity and strike. I believe what Jesus is telling his disciples in this moment is that they need to be strategic in how they move and how they interact with people and opportunities. The truth is, they were going into a war zone “as sheep in a world of wolves.” They needed to be cautious, prayed up, and move in Godly wisdom.

For the LORD gives wisdom; from his mouth come knowledge and understanding. Proverbs 2:6

Yes, Godly wisdom is what we all need. In simpler terms, wisdom's essence is to know what to do before ever experiencing the situation at hand. Earthly wisdom tells us to do what feels good and what will get us success quickly. But Godly wisdom is based on His truth and what is the best outcome for His people. Because He has been present before the beginning of time, His knowledge of the situation and all the intricacies will always be the firmest foundation.

I have been guilty of relying on my own head knowledge to get me through life. I figured if I had the most degrees, read enough articles, and went after every opportunity, surely I would have a great life. This landed me with “friends” who were only opportunists, an overloaded plate of tasks due to not knowing when to say “no” and years of heartbreak. Oh, if I had only paused and asked for God’s wisdom in my situations I could have avoided much turmoil.

Wisdom can keep your mouth from saying the wrong thing to the wrong people.

Wisdom can keep you from sabotaging an opportunity.

Wisdom can help you to discern which friends are right for you and which ones are causing more damage.

Wisdom can tell you how to minister to a person who is far from God.

Wisdom can show you when it's time to pause and when you need to seize the opportunity!

Wisdom is the difference between walking victoriously and living in defeat!!

Today, ask the Lord to give you eyes to see. Ask Him, “Am I moving too fast?” Ask Him, “Am I moving too slow?” Seek Him for who are connected with and the next move for your business, ministry, or family. The best prayer to pray is, “Lord give me the insight on how I can honor you.”

May we no longer allow hasty decisions and prayerless moves to cause us to be vulnerable to the attacks of the enemy or out of the will of God.

Slow down.


Seek Wisdom.

Victory Verse-The one who gets wisdom loves life; the one who cherishes understanding will soon prosper. Proverbs 19:8


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