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Walking in #Godfidence

Gracious Confidence

Recently I’ve been introduced to this new phrase. At first glance, I had no emotion or clue what was really going on. Yet, the more I see these two words together, I am convinced that we all could use several heaping scoops of GRACIOUS confidence.

Here’s the thing, we all know the overly confident person. They walk into the room and own it. They exude an air of “I got this.” They may or may not trample, ignore, or discard anyone who doesn’t bask in their glory. They are supremely confident that they are better than the next guy for the job and have no problem with sharing just how “good” they are. In fact, if you happen to be better in an area, they will have a good excuse to justify how a “person like you” could be so fortunate. We all know this kind of confident person and may even be guilty of being that guy. This is not confidence but pride.

Then there’s the person who’s overly gracious. They hide back and allow others to take the lead even when they can do a better job. They never speak up for themselves and allow others to take advantage of them. Time and time again they are overlooked and undervalued. Their job is to stay the fly on the wall because it's comfortable there and less dangerous. These people may see themselves as simply humble, yet struggle with insecurity. In case you are wondering…

Insecurity and humility are not equal.

Perhaps, you find yourself in one of these categories of being prideful and timid. The truth is, I tend to swing on both sides of the spectrum, depending on the day and scenario. This is why the idea of gracious confidence rocked my world.

In her book, The Jesus-Hearted Woman, Jodi Detrick describes a few qualities of a person who is graciously confident.

  1. Comfortable in their own skin, not trying to fit into anyone’s shoes but their own

  2. Can lead and follow

  3. Can accept criticism and praise without resting their heart too much on either

  4. Can laugh when they have an off day

  5. May still struggle with nerves before a big moment, but trusts that God can help in every situation

  6. Presents ideas without needing to have the final say

Gracious confidence is the understanding that you can walk in your God-given gifts confidently, while being completely aware that there is always room for growth.

This approach places our confidence on God’s sovereignty while recognizing our weakness. It keeps us our confidence in our big God to work through us and keeps us humble enough to listen to others. The best leaders have found this balance and realize they are a work in progress. Yet, they are fully aware that they bring something to the table in a way that no one else can. They are uniquely themselves and embrace that with full confidence.

Though it may take years to hone this art of balance and character, every day we can work towards this. The goal is to first recognize that our strength and ability comes from our God! Once we can recognize that we are merely His vessels to do a great work and that He has good plans, we can be graciously confident.

And yet, O LORD, you are our Father. We are the clay, and you are the potter. We all are formed by your hand. Isaiah 64:8

So, yes! We can “own the room” without saying a word. We can lead big projects without fear. We can be behind the scenes with excellence. We can speak up for those who are unheard. We can be examples to others. We can bring the hope and joy to any room. We can walk with our heads held high carrying our heart for Jesus and desire to do His will. We can make a difference.

These are the marks of those who carry the grace of a servant and confidence that comes from the Lord. I can assure you if you allow this to be the essence you flow in, you will see promotion and favor EVERYWHERE you go! This is VICTORY!

Be Kind. Be Confident. Lead Well. Serve Better. Trust In the Lord for your strength. Walk In Victory!

I want to talk about this topic with you a bit more....Head over to my latest podcast, "Walking in Godfidence" (available on Apple Podcasts, Anchor, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, or Spotify) or grab a copy of The Victory Walk on Amazon today!


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