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Meet Stephanie...the one who loves genuinely

If you ever meet Stephanie Karl-Fink, you will immediately notice her brilliant blue eyes!

Then she opens her mouth and you think..."This lady is friggin awesome!"

Let me introduce you to Stephanie! Originally from Jersey, Stephanie is a wife and mom of 2 boys! Although, she's a former member of the U.S Air-Force, she has an amazing softer side as well! In fact, she's absolutely hilarious and very down to Earth. 

I personally met Stephanie years ago at an event for mothers where she was the keynote speaker! She was full of energy, charisma, and spunk! At the time, I knew I wanted to write and hearing of her books amazed me. I was star struck by this mom who represented everything I dreamed of being. After debating internally, I finally built the courage to speak to her. And she was amazing! One who was full of knowledge and cared about me. Within two weeks, she featured me on her website. Stephanie gave me the first glimpse of being a writer. Not because she had to..but because she genuinely cared about me fulfilling my purpose.This small act of saying "you matter" was life-changing for me.

Stephanie is said to be one who loves her friends well. One friend, Amber Madden, describes Stephanie as one she can always call for honesty and love. In Amber's words,  "I know she loves me because she always tells me she only wants what God wants for me!"

There truly is no greater love than this. I bet we all wish we had a friend like this!

Beyond Stephanie's ability to touch the hearts of friends and strangers alike, Stephanie is an author that inspires. Her book, Building Bridges, is making an impact around the globe! Her newest book, The Blessed Struggle, encourages readers to be "blessed, not just busy". Her books inspire readers to follow God's timing and plans. 

In addition, Stephanie has made it a life goal to help end human trafficking. She partners with the A21 campaign and serves as an advocate. You will often find blog posts on her website training her followers on how they can help end human trafficking.

Stephanie's genuine love for others, her ,   words that inspire, and her passion to help the helpless makes her a woman of true victory. It's no surprise that her name means "Crowned in Victory"! 

One of Stephanie's favorite quotes describes her well.

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." Maya Angelou

Let us use this week to love people genuinely and well like Stephanie Karl-Fink!

Congrats Stephanie on being this week's Woman of Victory!

To check out learn more about Stephanie or purchase one of  her books click here.

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