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Meet Sherrell...full of energy and wisdom

The moment I met Sherrell, I met a woman full of joy and excitement!

Sherrell Tard is one of a kind! A true woman of beauty and light you will find in her. Born in Tampa, Florida, she is a proud military spouse and mother of two children, or as she calls them her “Hershey's kisses". Sherrell and her husband, Lyle, both serve as integral volunteers at National Community Church in DC with Pastor Mark Batterson. Sherrell co-leads the Connections Ministry in her church. She loves crafting and has created a business that is quickly gaining momentum in the DC Metro area!

What makes Sherrell a true breath of fresh air is her wisdom. Beneath her joyous smile and occasional "happy dance", you will find a woman who displays the Proverbs 31 woman well. In her own words, "The Proverbs 31 woman appears to be polished, put together, but she is full of redemption, forgiveness, and purpose." This reminds me so much of Sherrell. She exemplifies a woman of excellence in all that she does.

Her favorite bible verse is Zephaniah 3:17 "The Lord your God will take great delight in you, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing.”

Sherrell shares the story of how she has overcome depression. For Sherrell, her brokenness created a place of beauty in her life. Since the Lord has delivered her from her lowest moments, she has learned to "nurture her children in Christ, serve with purpose, lean on God, and take care of herself". She shares how she was often criticized for her choice to be a stay at home mom and how this affected her. However, Sherrell can victoriously say NOW that she is embracing her new calling and learning her family more intimately. What once was seen in a negative light has now made her family closer than ever!

In addition to being a woman who has overcome many things, Sherrell is successful in the marketplace. Her business, Handmade by Sherrell, is the perfect fit for her personality. Sherrell's creations range from amazing diaper cakes to fancy tutus for all ages! Even more beautiful than her designs is her heart behind the work! Sherrell creates her designs with her children and they personally pray for each creation before giving it to a client. She believes that the time and love "sewn into each gift has no price tag". Sherrell sees it as a privilege to give these gifts created in love!

Sherrell's willingness to accept God's plan, her love for her family and her ability to create a business out of her passion makes her a true woman of victory!

Sherrell is a true display of what happens when you marry God's plans to your passion. The truth is God gives us these desires for a great purpose!

We applaud this week's Woman of Victory for refusing to accept the lies that were said over her life concerning her career. This week I encoruage you to pray against EVERY lie that has been spoken over you and your life! Like Sherrell, I pray the Lord illumintates your path and gives you vision to see beyond what your eyes can see!

Congratulations Sherrell on being this week's Woman of Victory!!!

Let's show Sherrell we are proud of her by visiting Handmade by Sherell here.


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