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Dear Easter-Only Church Visitors,

Has anyone ever told you that you don't HAVE to go to church on Easter? In fact, there's no secret rule that going to church on Easter will be your ticket to heaven or keep you in God's good grace for the year. So then, to those who only attend church on Easter and maybe Christmas Eve have you ever asked yourself....why?

Perhaps, you have a family tradition of dressing up on this day. Or you look forward to seeing the children give Easter speeches or doing a little skit. Chances are if you are an "Easter Only" church attendee, you are doing it out of an unspoken rule and tradition in your heart. 

Don't get me wrong friends, as a minister's wife, there's nothing more exciting than seeing double the church attendance on a beautiful Sunday morning. Behind the scenes, church leaders all over the world are pulling out all the stops to give you a service that will allow you to have an encounter with God, motivate you to make a life change, and to accept Jesus. In fact, months and months in advance churches everywhere are seeking to make this day extra special for you! After all, if this is your only service you may come to...why not make it EPIC!!! Here's the thing, have you ever really asked yourself why just this one Sunday? Something calls you to church on this day. Something deep inside makes you willing to wake up early and celebrate the resurrection of Christ! Something draws you near...I propose, that it's the Lord himself speaking to you to come. But again...why just THIS one Sunday? Something in your heart is telling you that something is important about ‘Easter Sunday’. But the truth is, The Easter experience can literally be had Sunday after Sunday. Each week can be an opportunity to encounter a living God. Some may think , "God is in my heart, I don't need a building". To that I say, yes and no. Certainly, God is a God of free will and to those who have accepted Him, He does live in your heart. However, the church serves multiple purposes that can strengthen you daily. Your local church offers you the ability to connect with those who believe as you do, learn more about the Bible, have a source of accountability, and so much more. Here's the thing, God desires for YOU to have life and have it more abundantly! That means, why settle for a yearly refreshing when you can have a weekly experience. I love the verse that says "I was glad when they said unto me, let us Go into the house of the Lord." The truth is when you find a life-giving church you will find yourself running to be there. It will become a source of hope and love. 

So my friend as you are getting ready for Easter this year, stop and think. How much more could I gain if this was a part of my routine? I have to be honest, when I only went to church once a year, I left feeling more confused. The whole Easter story blew my mind and was a head scratcher for one who really didn't believe in or understand God. It wasn't until I really chose to dig deeper that my eyes were open to the beauty that unfolds in the story of Jesus. Dear Easter-only Christians, I challenge you to find a church where you can grow and flourish in beyond Easter. I promise you as you get connected it will be life changing for you and your family! 

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